About Bear Matthews

Amplify voices,
Promote equality,
Increase efficiency.

Bear Matthews is recognized for navigating the intersection of technology, media, and finance. As the VP of Growth at Five Tier, he drives innovation in media solutions and precision targeting. His leadership at Sisu, a firm renowned for its pioneering digital strategies, underscores a capacity to transform visionary ideas into tangible outcomes across various sectors.

At Blockparty, Bear led the development of blockchain live-event infrastructure, setting new standards for quantifying fandom. His contributions extend beyond the boardroom into academia and public discourse, with previous keynote addresses at prestigious forums like South by Southwest and the Swiss Stock Exchange.

Having studied History and Economics in Switzerland, Bear’s work is characterized by a relentless pursuit of innovation and social impact. He has previously lectured at the Università della Svizzera Italiana and the University of New Hampshire, while his work has been published in MarketWatch, TechCrunch, and CNN.